The V-Clamp™ is the universal solution for the solar panel to purlin connection. Order your sample kit today and experience hands on how you can complete PV projects faster and more reliably with the V-Clamp™.

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The VesprSolar V-Clamp™

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The V-Clamp™ is the best in class solution for the panel to purlin connection. Eliminating the need for nuts and bolts, the V-Clamp™ reduces installation time, requires zero maintenance, and installs perfectly every time.


With a simple installer, you can quickly and safely install the V-Clamp™ with the sound of a click! Yes, its really that simple.  

The V-Clamp™ has been tested vigorously for strength and security 


The V-Clamp™ eliminates common fastener failure modes. Withstands >4,000 N (900 Lbf) of uplift force and meets NASM 1312-7 vibration standards.


From set up to installation the VesprSolar V-Clamp™ needs minimal training. Grounding & attachment can be accomplished in a single step, lowering cost of installation & reducing the need for maintenance.


The V-Clamp™ System is designed to be universal, working with a family of proprietary adaptors to be compatible with all leading PV modules, solar racking systems (fixed tilt and tracker), and configurations (portrait and landscape).


The V-Clamp™ installs from beneath the module and attaches in less than 5 seconds with less than 30 seconds per module. With no need to use power tools. Each V-Clamp™ installs perfectly every time.