The V-Clamp™ makes installing a solar panel as easy as changing a light bulb. Multifunctional: Provides secure, vibration-resistant PV module attachment + grounding in <30 seconds per panel. Order your sample kit today and see how the V-Clamp™ will help you save weeks on your next project.

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The VesprSolar V-Clamp™

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The V-Clamp™ is a rapid installation PV module attachment + grounding fastener. Installation is fast, simple, and consistent. It installs perfectly every time. Tested by leading PV researchers at Sandia National Labs, UL, and the University of Oklahoma to ensure it meets the most rigorous site conditions for PV deployments globally. 

The V-Clamp™ has been tested extensively for strength and security 


V-ClampTM provides an extremely secure, vibration-resistant connection. Each V-Clamp™ withstands >4,000N (900 Lbf) of uplift force. V-Clamp™ meets NASM 1312-7 vibration standards. Reports available upon request.


Extremeley fast installation. Each
V-Clamp™ engages securely in <5 seconds. Module attachment in <30 seconds. Grounding and attachment in a single step. Complete large projects weeks faster with the 


Installs perfectly every time and eliminates common fastener failure modes, such as self-loosening, over torqueing, and mounting hole tear out. V-Clamp™ utilizes visual & auditory cues - installers hear and see it lock into place. Installing the V-Clamp™ is easy and requires no power tools.


The V-Clamp™ installs from beneath the module and attaches in less than 5 seconds with less than 30 seconds per module. With no need to use power tools. Each V-Clamp™ installs perfectly every time.